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Jeff Thiel

E8 member, serial entrepreneur, former executive Microsoft, consultant with Bain & Co.

Jeff Thiel formed Carbon Innovations recently to promote market-based solutions to the global climate crisis.  “I was recovering from foot surgery in the spring of 2017 when the US government started actively undermining global progress toward solving the existential threat of Global Warming.  I decided I could no longer root for change from the sidelines – I had to fully commit.”

Carbon Innovations is pursuing a portfolio of strategies to reduce the carbon footprint of our economy.  Jeff is working with building industry leaders to develop a collective impact initiative that aims to turn the built environment into a gigaton-scale carbon sink.  He is investing in companies with technologies that are essential for a carbon-neutral economy.   He is advocating for a national carbon fee and dividend policy,  and leading workshops on climate solutions.

Jeff is an experienced executive and entrepreneur who has built and launched new products and services in PC software, financial services, health care, and K-12 education.  Jeff was a co-founder of three software startups that shipped high-quality offerings on shoe-string budgets.  Jeff worked at Microsoft for 10 years leading product management and development teams in the Windows and Consumer Products Divisions, after starting his career with global management consulting firm Bain & Co. He was a Dean’s Medalist at the University of Washington and received his MBA with honors from the Wharton School.

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