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Elodie Michaels

Co-founder GSF, formerly CBRE Energy & Sustainability, Sr. Director Veolia

Elodie joined CBRE as the Business Unit Leader for France, Spain, Portugal and Italy, Elodie is also a Managing Partner at Global Sustainable Future (GSF). GSF’ s mission was to bridge the gap to commercialization for sustainable companies by leveraging networks with real world operational partners and investors. Elodie was also the President for SMAC FR, a specialty aerospace rubber manufacturing facility in Toulon (Portfolio company), for which she was integral in designing its post COVID strategy.


In her past, Elodie was a Global Operating Advisor with Pegasus which is focused on growth equity for middle market companies focused on IoT and sustainability. Prior to Pegasus, Elodie was the Managing Director for CBRE Energy & Sustainability where she led a team of 280 engineers and developed strategies, processes, and managing $10B worth of energy spend for Fortune 500. Ms. Michaels was responsible for leadership and the global deployment of utility cost savings, energy efficiency and sustainable solutions for the CBRE customers.


Elodie served in a similar capacity with Ewing/Trigen/Elyo/Veolia for 14 years providing sales, operations and M&A leadership. She has held a variety of assignments, each with an increased role of responsibility. Areas of responsibility have included plant operations; business development, critical negotiations, construction management and business unit P&L. Areas of technical expertise include biomass, cogeneration, cryogenic pumps for ESRF, and polymer.

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